Learning Through Play

Language and Literacy

Language development is focal at United Children Ballarat. Facilitating rich language development from the babies to the kindy kids establishes early literacy skills such as sounds and letter formation. Back and forth language interactions at United Children help your child develop their vocabulary.
Providing a rich print environment at our centre including partnering with the local library will set children up for early letter and word recognition so that later reading and comprehension skills become easier to attain.


Language and literacy is the basis on which to introduce mathematical concepts to young children. At United Children, our interactions through play based learning help your child develop early numeracy skills such as counting, patterns, shapes, spatial thinking and concepts of measurement.
Research indicates that early numeracy skills are important for later mathematical achievement. Numeracy is cumulative and concepts are developed steadily to reinforce what was learned before.

The Arts

Creativity and taking ownership of expression and experiences enables children to become confident and involved learners. Our music, arts and drama programs support children’s imagination and creativity, give children time to master skills, engage in meaningful experiences and share these with their peers, educators and most importantly family.
Our programs for the arts incorporate independent and group activities with fun, excitement and mess.

Science & Technology

Just like numeracy, scientific concepts are all around us. Teaching moments once again during play and everyday activities introduce basic scientific concepts to children.
Science like the EYLF states helps children to play, discover, ask questions, explore, be creative and problem solve. Recent studies have shown that children from a very young age become fluent in the use of digital technologies.
It is part of our everyday lives and here at United Children we use digital technologies during opportunities for intentional teaching. Our kinder room is equipped with an interactive screen to bring teaching from outside into our room. Use of digital technologies to support learning in other domains, means your child is receiving an enriched curriculum that supports their learning for later years.

Physical Activity

Children learn more physical skills in the first five years compared to other points in their life. Physical activity helps children develop their balance, posture, senses and so much more. At United Children Ballarat, we ensure that spaces and areas are set up for children to explore and practice their fine and gross motor skills.
We encourage children to take risks when it comes to using their bodies for the purposes of play and activity. Active minds and bodies keep children from becoming bored so we work out what children are interested in and plan for their interests.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social development and interactions are rapidly developing during the early years. Learning is constructed through shared experiences, opportunities and relationships. Concepts such as mutual respect, equality and reciprocity are being developed through relationships with peers and adults.
When children feel encouraged and praised, they develop confidence in their abilities and approach new tasks with eagerness and seek out new friendships. Our educators at United Children Ballarat undertake relevant training to understand how social and emotional learning will help your child across all domains.


All these skill are nurtured by our highly qualified staff who are mentored by Sophie Stephens who is currently completing her Masters in Teaching (Early Childhood).
At United Children Ballarat, we seek to promote a culture of learning – our educators learn about your child, continually learn best practices for your child and implement strategies that bring out the best in your child.
No matter what stage your child is at, our promise is to nurture and draw on the strengths of your child, whilst bringing fun and excitement into their day.