United Children Ballarat South West welcomes you to our funded kindergarten program

Kindergarten Vision Statement:

To cultivate opportunities and experiences which supports high early years outcomes, so children are well equipped to begin their formal education with confidence, competence and an eagerness to learn.


Our Program

Our program uses The Early Years Learning Framework and The Victorian Early Years Learning Framework to support teaching strategies specific to children’s interests as well as foundational domains of learning, such as numeracy, literacy, science and technology, social and emotional development, music, drama, art, civics and citizenship.

We teach the same curriculum as a sessional kindergarten and provide families with the flexibility of having an integrated service incorporating care before and after the kindergarten program, Monday to Friday.

Emphasis is to establish an early love for learning especially in areas such as language an literacy. As research shows an environment which has a strong focus in these learning domains sets children up to succeed in other areas such as numeracy, mathematical concepts, science and technology. We also understand that all children are different and are guided by their interests to begin to introduce curriculum points of learning. In fact our learning begins in the babies room and as our children progress through the centre, the links to their developmental milestones are visible to parents and educators. Our staff make this possible, with first forming those strong attachments with each child to maximise their care, learning and a love for learning. This is what the kinder program aims to do, by introducing children to experience a wide variety of learning and play programs, they begin to learn how to learn. This is significantly important, especially in the year before children start their formal education.

Language and Literacy
  • Shared reading and conversations
  • Storytelling
  • Dramatic play / role playing 
  • Communication – show and tell

Mathematical Concepts

  • Numbers and measurements
  • Shapes and spatial recognition, geometry
  • Patterning, sorting and classification

The Arts

  • Drama and dance
  • Music
  • Language other than English
  • Art, creativity, design
Physical Activity
  • Kelly sports
  • Movement and co-ordination
  • Nature and exploration
  • Gross motor skills

Environment and Sustainability

  • Understanding we are part of a world that needs to be looked after

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

  • Enquiry – predict and test assumptions
  • Collection and translation of data
  • Use of IT such as ipads and computers
Social and Emotional Development
  • Recognition and response of emotions
  • Empathy and support for others
  • Working with others
  • Use of language to express emotions

School Readiness - Positive Transition to School 

Our school readiness programs beings in term 1 with those early conversations with parents about their child’s interests, family connections, what their child already knows and how our kindergarten program can enhance their learning and daily integration into the program. Our programs are designed to engage children and promote a love of learning so that they can thrive at school with confidence. Our curriculum is planned with activities and discussions that use transferrable skills such using mathematical concepts in cooking and measuring to discussing health and well-being, science concepts for cooking, civics and citizenship for delivering cooked products for the homeless through the soup bus. The conversations don’t stop at our kinder program.

Your child is observed, and programs planned around their strengths as well as using supportive mechanisms to introduce new learning. For example, one on one time with the kindergarten teacher to develop early literacy and vocabulary skills. Literacy being fundamental to all other domains of learning.

Throughout the year, our kindergarten teacher is available to discuss your child’s progress and development. Early intervention is discussed if needed and supports put in place should your child need this. Parental support and participation is encouraged to ensure information, observations and interventions are given in a timely manner to prepare your child for school.

Our kindergarten teacher will develop a transition learning and development statement for your child’s prep teacher. The transition learning and development statement helps to outline your child’s interests, style of learning, skills and abilities. It gives a picture of your child to the prep teacher so that a sense of familiarity is in place, even before your child starts school.

Our Kindergarten Teacher

Our kindergarten teacher has over 25 years’ experience working with the City of Ballarat as well as private organisations. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood). She is guided by theoretical and evidence-based practises which recognises children learn best within a social context and learn through play. Supporting children to achieve and master learning so that they progress along proficiently and build an existing knowledge to create new knowledge, all within our well-resourced and innovative centre. Our kinder teacher lets children get hands on, experiment, question, test and discuss and become masters of their creations whether in play or structured activities.

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(Source: www.education.vic.gov.au)